Technical Details & My Experiences

Introduction & My Experience

Especially on the web, the question of Node.js or PHP has been asked since the day Node.js released, which is 2009.

There is no one truth; you’re the truth!

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The Idea & Importance

The question of “What’s my passion?” has no material equivalent in our world. The quality of a human’s life cannot be measured by money or object.

It doesn’t matter what you want to be. People can be hugely successful through the dead or not promising jobs if they love what they do.

Common Mistakes & Understandings

Done by individuals

“Why you want to be a Computer Engineer Mike?” if your answer to this question is something similar to “Because it’s the job of the future,” you’ve to get rid of that understanding immediately. That’s a massive obstacle to be happy and prosperous. …

We are on fire, act right now!

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Most of the people are underestimating the threat of global warming and telling that it’s overrated. That issue has never been a simple thing; it’s threatening the whole planet that we live in. We need, and we have to stand against that!

Introduction & Update

If we don’t start to change things from now for the sake of our future, that future won’t be coming at all. We already have got a planet that meets with all the requirements of life. If we keep searching for a new world, we won’t have enough time to find it.

The race exists, what about the winner?

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As a developer, I’ve asked myself this question many times, should I learn Python or JavaScript? Of course, you can learn both, but you can’t do that at the same time.

Also, it might be critical to learn the correct one before you start any subfield of Computer Engineering.


JavaScript is a scripting language that mainly has been used by Front-end Web Developer. But now, the developers that are interested in different fields are using JavaScript to build their applications. It’s quite surprising to see a language used in web animations turned into what it is now.

What Is JavaScript Used For?

It’s not a…

Is jQuery dying, or is it here to stay?

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Lately, I’ve seen a lot of blog posts about jQuery allegedly dying out. For anyone who just started their journey in web development, whether jQuery should be considered useful may a bit of a mystery.

To decide if jQuery is useful or not, we should be looking into its use cases:

  • web animations
  • AJAX technology
  • browser games

Mostly, we see jQuery being used for web animations, including mobile menus, dropdown menus, scroll animations, and so on.

When you compare vanilla JavaScript to jQuery for these purposes, jQuery is the most powerful thing that you can use — and it ends…

One last chance. There are no alternative planets.

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Global warming is the biggest problem in front of humanity; malicious AI’s and nuclear warheads may seem funny compared to this worldwide phenomenon.

If We Look In Different Perspective

Nature is the thing that we all live in but never think of it. We should all be grateful that we live our lives without getting worried about nature, but it does not mean that it will not change. Although we hurt him many times in our daily life, it never strikes back to us, but unfortunately, we approached the threshold of this.

Where we are?

If we cross the line once, it may not be possible to take a…

My Secret of Quickly Creating Custom WordPress Themes Explained!

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I’ve been a web developer for more than five years except for the fundamental learning stage. I searched for different ways to convert my skills into money, and I found it. Envato Market was quite an excellent platform that developers build any kind of web theme and put it into the marketplace.

I’ve designed many PSD web designs and converted them into HTML & WordPress to sell them in the marketplace. Since WordPress theme creation phase takes more time compared to others, I had to find a way to do that quickly. So, I started to create a blueprint theme.

How deep learning algorithms work behind the scenes

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By the technology develops, we’re getting into a new era that full of human-like robots. It wasn’t possible even to imagine that is coming 100 years ago. Since the increase in technology has exponential growth, advanced robots will occur in a much shorter period.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

It’s better to understand the AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept before jumping into Deep Learning. We can define AI as a system that analyzes its environment and takes actions to maximize its chance of success without being explicitly programmed. As we got a brief idea about AI, let’s inspect some subfields of AI roughly.

  • Natural Language Processing

Don’t believe me? Try these!

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Once, I’ve searched for websites that I can convert my skills into money as a freelancer. I’ve noticed that most of the ways were lowering your skills payback. So, I looked for ways that I could go ahead of that. In the end, I realized that there were five excellent ways to overcome that issue.

1. Working at Upwork

I had lots of question marks in my head before I think about these things.

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Creating apps and making ideas real has become a trend of programming these days. In that purpose, developers are willing to choose frameworks formed to develop cross-platform apps.

No doubt, React Native is among the most loved and gripped frameworks in that path, although there are some alternatives to React Native, such as Flutters, Ionic, and Cordova.

Why would you want to use React Native?

1. React Native is a JavaScript framework.

Cagri Ozarpaci

designer / developer / writer. A guy who passionate about tech & AI, and who runs for his goals.

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