C A Hall
C A Hall
Aug 23, 2015 · 1 min read

Dear Meredith love what you are saying and have seen a lot of it.

As an over thinker trying to understand feelings, you might also want to include that the guy was insecure and therefore overcompensating with a putdown.

Arrogance is always about lack somewhere, and arrogance about ignorance is one the lowest forms of endeavor. It doesn't just stunt his mind, but requires that of others.

Yet even the most glorious technologist occasionally has the feeling that the whole thing is getting away from them. Mere mortals just feel they will never be able to catch up.

Those of us who love this new creative landscape are usually pretty selective about how we use it, and have the overview that it never determines our fate.

But for many their fate is being determined by forces they don’t understand, and that can never feel great. Think of all the revolutions before this one. It changes everything, but the people on the lowest rung never feel included in the big game.

I always remind myself every time I step into apple that this is pure privilege.

When I find a technology hater or avoider I just move over into their modality without demanding they include mine. You are more than your technical expertise, though it is so much fun to play with people who are able.

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