Want to Hire More a More Diverse Set of People? Raise Your Bar.
Joelle Emerson

Hi, thanks for this. Today the LA Times reported that the ACLU is going to follow up on the lack of women directors in Hollywood. Can you guess what the bar is on that. Out of 100% of studio directors they could only find 1.4% to direct top grossing films. The number has gone down in the last decade. There are thousands and thousands of women directors. I’m one of them. How to democratize that process, what is the cultural fit, base it on skills??? And it is just a skill, its not rocket science. Its having a vision and skillfully creating that vision in other peoples heads using technology. The first job I ever had in TV was getting extras for a PBS childrens TV series. I was told to always provide a diverse group so that we represented all of the gender, color, and culture in the culture. Lets apply that to being a director.

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