The Impossibly Meticulous Photography of Andrew Myers
Doug Bierend

I am seeing the same issues in video work. If you use a 4X camera, you can see a golfers pores and the tree leaf on the mountain at a distance. The eye can not see what the camera is seeing. So when you are shooting its like wearing special glasses. Now to see that way is to be close to things that are close and far away at the same time. But the precision is disturbing. It makes the pore on a face a crater. And the leaf on the mountain a leaf. Now let it become form with no meaning. These forms we are buying into as a story of a man golfing, of a mountain birthing trees with leaves that whisper in the wind. But the are just microscopic color bytes arranged not by our eyes but by a lens in a camera, that can see the far stars if you put it on a rover.

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