C A Hall
C A Hall
Sep 27, 2015 · 1 min read

I design experiences for people. Media. Travel. Education. Space: as in homes, gardens, areas for meetings and solitude. The extra element that I look for in design is doing something in the flow of time. Now what could that possibly mean. Really?

You can design the most wonderful thing and not have people understand what you are really doing till centuries later. You can be totally with it and be garbage by the very next day.

I always like the President that helped to design Brasilia the new capital cut out of nothing in the center of a country. It almost broke the bank. But now is considered some of the most futuristic designs for an unbelievable capital.

This is from a film I am doing on Brazil for the Olympic year of 2016. In the middle has some of the buildings made in the 60's. Enjoy! From the jungle to the jugular of the future!