I need an assistant, who already knows their job, and is not a vampire

I have interviewed many a vampire and sycophant and I’m tired. I always think of Henry Ford, who legend has it interviewed hundreds of people a year, to find a hand full of human beings who wanted to work.

The best assistant I’ve had is over sixty years old. She saw what I was trying to accomplish immediately, then worked to make it easier for me to do my job. That was it. She was not a super hero, but used ordinary skills like talking and organizing, and some tech like a basic computer and a not quite up to the minute telephone.

I did not need to hold her hand or work out her problems with her, take your pick: parents, boyfriend/girlfriend, past bosses, or mean friends. She was dealing with many issues and would share her day in an ordinary way, as in, “Yes I’m alive and it takes work” but without any of the, “how would you like to be an extra in my soap opera, and have I got a juicy part, just for you”.

She understood, I had spent half my life learning my craft and did not act as though by association she suddenly was an expert in the same field. I too respected her expertise, and was always aware of how many problems she must have solved gracefully, before she got to mine. I never felt like she was there to steal from me, which was probably the bottom line of the whole arrangement, but to contribute to me, which is why I could do my job so I could contribute back to her.

So Mr. Ford, I guess I have seen the first few hundred. Now there has to be a pony in here somewhere. Or even a car, which was the future once upon a time.

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