I never wanted to be in style or with it, now I don’t even notice.

Ok, this is what happens when you get older than the most with it person on the planet and those who cater to their inclinations and illusions.

It’s not that you are against the new, its just that you missed its occurrence and don’t have regret. There are other things on your radar.

Meanwhile you respond to change just like anyone else, agreement, disagreement, or a strange sound which means, you’re kidding that’s an issue?!

You may be behind on the utmost moment because you are in an utmost moment of your own, and your experience trumps, (sorry to even use that word) the latest and the greatest.

Once I moved to Hawaii. I went from being a maven of media possibilities to a person who no longer watched TV for almost 2 years. What I learned was:

  1. I did not miss it
  2. When I returned to the fold, I realized that I loved it as much as usual but was not addicted to it
  3. It was a form of freedom, like if the world ended, as we know it, another would arise in its place, and you don’t know or worry about it, till your there, whether you like it or not. Imagine.

Please don’t make this semi ignorance and blasé acceptance fashionable. Then I would have to rebel, and I just don’t feel like it.

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