The article does not ask the right question. What kind of art form is a computer? Now that would have been a better question. The closest art form we all recognize is architecture.

What is code? A language which creates the bricks of machine architecture, the heating, plumbing, electric, to continue the analogy, the guts of the machine. What is the design and marketing of the object containing code? It’s the architect using those same bricks to build imaginary worlds.

Medieval peoples must have been struck speechless, to see a great cathedrals, made by groups of artists, rising up out of the mud of their times. The computer’s architectural shock, is the ability to connect the human mind and body, through building blocks called apps and media, which then interface with, and create new worlds, in the real world. Add mobile devices, and you have an architecture ever moving, ever evolving, and all at the same time.

In this world wide architectural art form, Steve Wozniak wrote code, he was master brick maker. Steve Jobs was the maestro of a world wide symphonic architecture. He took the code, built things, and also built startling new relationships between the things he made.

Sometimes he created this art form in his garage, sometimes on his kitchen table. His offices were just a temporary nod to the shell connecting one to past architectural forms, he wasn’t much interested in physical real estate. All the time he was creating inside himself. You too are encouraged to use these tools to do the same. Not everyone has a cathedral inside them. But anyone can contribute to the process, if given access to these tools.

He revamped entire businesses and even created many new ones. Even advanced techies were dumfounded by his leaps. If anyone bought into a film/tv production based on earlier models of whiz bang, it was money wasted. Anyone with an iPhone camera, computer and software can make feature films and tv from a suitcase, and do.

New architecture changes peoples relationships to old structures. Medieval people may have lived in hovels, but they now could visit a cathedral. Soon after the homes of the multitudes also changed. The Renaissance was all about a new use of space, both personal space and public space. The same is true about computers.

So if the computer is the architecture of the future now, what kind of artist was Steve Jobs? As anyone who actually knows an artist understands they “see things different.” Right. Whether Jobs was “nice” or not, is also not an interesting question. There are millions of not “nice” people who don’t build what Jobs built. A better one would be, are people in general kind to artists, visionaries, anyone who thinks different?

Even more rare than a cathedral, I say. Rare. Rare. Rare.

C A Hall, has been a techie since before she saw her first computer. She writes “Technology is the Art form of the Age.” Award Winning Writer for Film & Television, Director Theatre, Film/TV, Spellbreaker Studios Writing/Producing/Directing, Design, Consulting, Education & Media

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