I have a confession to make…

I have become addicted to really good, well-written, non-fiction books.

I love having smart people challenge my thinking through their writing. I love that I can revisit their thoughts, and glean new insights with each revisit. Most of all, I love how all of the reading I’ve done has created an ongoing deep growth pattern in my life that runs on autopilot, like an app on my phone, only much, much better; this thought connecting to that thought, that idea reminding me of another idea, my mind always working in the background, connecting all the dots in new, stimulating ways.

Yep, I’m definitely addicted, but this is an addiction I can definitely get behind, and feed every day.

It keeps my thinking fresh and relevant.

It pushes on me to grow every day.

It keeps me looking for the people in our world who are serious about creating positive change.

Vive la lecture!🙂

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C. A. Hurst

C. A. Hurst

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