The beginning of

a new year is cool,

because many of

us give ourselves

permission to let go

of the the frustrations

of the previous year,

and start fresh

with a clean slate.

Where do you want

to go this year?

Who do you want

to become?

What do you want

to accomplish?



“Life isn’t fair.

And when we’re hurting,

our anger, worry,

and frustration

are completely legitimate.

But we can face

any circumstance,

however unpleasant

or unjust,

with rigidity or flexibility.

“When your body hurts,”

I told her, “don’t punish it,

or resent it, or

demand things of it.

Say, ‘I’m listening.’””

Dr. Edith Eger

Holocaust survivor

“The Gift”



“We are made of starstuff.”

Carl Sagan

“We are made of starstuff.”

“We are made of starstuff.”

“We are made of starstuff.”

What does that say

to you

as a human being?

What does it speak to you?

Does it stir up wonder,



I’m not proposing

any answers

for you.

I just want to pose

these questions

to you

as we head in

to a new year.🙂



“The best way

to let go of

the need

for control

is to become powerful.

Power has nothing

to do with brawn

or domination.

It means you have

the strength

to respond

instead of react,

to take charge

of your life,

to have total


of your choices.

You’re powerful

because you’re not

giving your power away.

If you take back

your power

and still

want to be right,

then choose

to be kind,

because kindness

is always right.”

Dr. Edith Eger

Holocaust survivor

“The Gift”



“This is one of the ways I was able to survive Auschwitz.

I was surrounded every moment by dehumanizing words — you’re worthless, you’re dirty, the only way you’ll leave this place is as a corpse.

But I didn’t let the words penetrate my spirit.

Somehow I was blessed with the insight that the Nazis were more imprisoned than I was.

I first understood this the night I danced for Mengele. My physical body was trapped in a death camp, but my spirit was free.

Mengele and the others would always have to reckon with what they’d done.

I was numb with shock and hunger, I was terrified of being murdered, but I still had an inner sanctuary.

The Nazi’s power came from systematic dehumanization and extermination.

My strength and freedom were within.”

Dr. Edith Eger

Holocaust survivor

“The Gift”



“Many of us live as though we have something to prove. We can become addicted to having the last word. But if you’re trying to prove that you’re right or you’re good, you’re trying to make yourself into something that doesn’t exist. Every human is fallible. Every human makes mistakes. You’re not helpless- and you’re not a saint, either. You don’t have to prove your worth. You can just embrace it, celebrate that you’re imperfect and whole, that there will never be another you. Drop the agenda. If you have something to prove, you’re still a prisoner.

This is even true in the face of someone else’s unkindness or persecution.”

Dr. Edith Eger

Holocaust survivor

“The Gift”