C. A. Hurst

“Loving yourself

is the only foundation

for wholeness,

health, and joy.

So fall in love

with yourself!

It’s not narcissistic.

Once you begin to heal,

what you discover

will not be

the new you,

but the real you.

The you that was

there all along,

beautiful, born

with love and joy.”

Dr. Edith Eger

Holocaust survivor

“The Gift”



Quit looking for

the new, improved


Try this instead:

Relax into

the real you,

the you that you

were born to be.

Even if you’ve been hurt,

wounded by other people,

or traumatized by

physical or emotional abuse,

or by a

cataclysmic life event,

the real you is still there.

Give yourself


to be

the happy little person

that you were born to be.🙂



“Acknowledge you

were wounded.

And then choose

what you let go

and what you replenish.

You got in the habit

of minimizing your pain,

and wanting to

make yourself smaller.

Now build a new habit.

Release shame

by replacing it

with kindness,

by making sure

your dialogue

is full of ‘yes I am,

yes I can, yes I will!’”

Dr. Edith Eger

Holocaust survivor

“The Gift”



“If you want to

take charge of

your thinking,

first examine

what you’re


and then decide:

is it empowering

or depleting me?

Before you say


especially to yourself,


“Is it kind and loving?””

Dr. Edith Eger

Holocaust survivor

“The Gift”



It’s O.K. to be human.

It’s O.K. to have faults.

It’s O.K. to have weaknesses.

It’s O.K. to make mistakes.

It’s O.K. to say and do stupid things.

Let go of the idea

that you have to be perfect.

You can’t be.

Nobody can be.

We’re human.

We make mistakes,

and we say,

and do,

stupid things


And that’s. O.K.🙂



“Most of all, we choose how we talk to ourselves.

Spend a day listening to your self talk.

Pay attention to

what you’re

paying attention to -

that’s what you reinforce.

These thoughts will

influence how you feel.

And how you feel

is going to dictate

how you act.

But you don’t have

to live

by these standards

and messages.

You weren’t born

with shame.

You’re genuine self

is already beautiful.

You were born

with love

and joy

and passion,

and you can

rewrite your

internal script

and reclaim

your innocence.

You can become

a whole person.”

Dr. Edith Eger

Holocaust survivor

“The Gift”