C. A. Hurst

You are a human being.

You are not perfect.

You will never be perfect.

Let that illusion go.

You can, however, pursue excellence.

Don’t be afraid to push yourself to be excellent in every area of. your life.

Just don’t push so hard that you make yourself all crazy, and burn yourself out.🙂



“The prison of victimhood…

Why did this happen to me?

Well, why not you?

Maybe I went to Auschwitz and survived so I could talk to you now, so I could live as an example of how to be a survivor instead of a victim. When I ask “What now?” instead of “Why me?” I stop focusing on why this bad thing happened — or is happening — and start paying attention to what I can do with my experience. I’m not looking for a savior or a scapegoat. Instead, I begin to look at choices and at possibilities.”

Dr.Edith Eger

Holocaust survivor

“The Gift”



“The prison of victimhood…

We search for answers,

for understanding,

as if there’s

a logical reason

to explain

why things


the way they did.

But when we ask


we’re stuck


for someone

or something

to blame -

including ourselves.”

Dr. Edith Eger,

Holocaust survivor

“The Gift”



“The prison of victimhood…

Many of us

stay in a prison

of victimhood



it feels safer.

We ask “Why?”

over and over,

believing that

if we could just

figure out

the reason,

the pain

would lessen.”

Dr. Edith Eger

“The Gift”



Be fluid…

Don’t get stuck in a rut.

Keep your mind fresh and flexible.

Seek out good, positive information that feeds your heart, mind, soul, and spirit with actionable ideas.

Be willing to change your mind quickly when you come across information that challenges your previous beliefs but actually makes…