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If you’ve ever watched the TV show The Witcher, you were apparently watching an American-Polish fantasy drama. That’s what Wikipedia says, at least.

Now, the Polish part is simple enough: it’s based on a series of novels by a Polish author. Calling the show American, however, raises eyebrows once you…

I travel. A lot.

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I consider myself blessed. My work can be done entirely online and pays a good enough income to keep me in comfort throughout most of the world — although extended stays in places like Switzerland and Iceland do require a little saving. …

Rights are a divisive issue anywhere you go, and every country in the world seems to have a different opinion on what the basic ones should be.

In many countries in Africa and the Middle East, groups such as women, religious minorities, and members of the LGBT community face legal…

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Geographic indications.

It’s a somewhat obscure term, but one that’s essential to understanding this article. The concept is a pretty simple one: in many countries, particularly in Europe, food producers and drink-makers can basically trademark distinctive products from their region. …

Atheism is a loaded word. Taken at face value, it simply means someone who disbelieves in gods; but when we think of high-profile atheists, we tend to think of figures like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris, people who are openly anti-religion. In some secular countries (mostly in the West, but…

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Did you know that radar was invented by Sir Robert Watson-Watt?

If so, then congratulations! You’re one step closer to becoming a British citizen! However, you almost certainly weren’t born a British citizen, since virtually nobody in the UK could answer this question.

CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia Commons

Hectare for hectare, the Yasuní National Park is probably the most biodiverse spot on the planet. A tiny sliver of the mighty Amazon Rainforest, it is lies beside the Equator and the Andes Mountains. Thanks to the fusion of these habitats, it enjoys a unique biosphere that supports staggering numbers…

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