Lead Practice 2/23/2016

BOE Meeting

Who: Hattiesburg board of Education/Hoemmeldorfer

When: This Morning

Where: Hattiesburg

What: Hattiesburg board of education meeting

Why: To discuss new rules proposed by the administration

How: Male students cannot have long hair, no students can wear blue jeans

Lead Sentence: New rules proposed by the Hattiesburg board of Education have been accepted by the administration.

Faculty in plane crash

What: Plane crashes with faculty members from backwater university

Who: Associate professor John Dumont and George Johnson/other people on the flight

When: Thursday night

Why: The plane was flying out of Kennedy International Airport and crashed.

Where: Kennedy International Airport

How: Both professors escaped from crash

Lead Sentence: Plane Crash leaving five dead; only to escape without injury were two professors.

Meeman Speaks

What: Speech by Norman Meeman

Who: Norman Meeman, pulizer prize winner.

Why: Audience of 67 showed up, majority was English students.

Where: William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library.

When: 4:30 Pm on Sunday

How: Won the pulizer prize

Lead Sentence: The winner of pulizer prize, Meeman, speaks to english student at William Oxley Thomson Memorial Library.

Professor wins award

What: Professor Clement Crabtree

When: At the Annual George Washington honor medal ceremony

Why: For his essay Plan for peace

Who: Professor Crabtree

How: Due to the decision by the freedoms foundation

Where: Valley Forge, PA

Lead Sentence: A professor from Horticulture wins freedoms foundation honor medal.

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