News Story Project #2

I want to write my news story about the African Fashion show coming up on April 16. The students should care about this story because it is a great event happening at this school and it is helping bring awareness about Africa and its culture.

This story works with online format because it brings instant information and it can hold a lot of graphics.

  • There are three walks
  • It starts at 7 on April 16th
  • It is run by ASAD. (Association of Students of African Decent) which is a Liberty University student run club
  • All custom clothing
  • The ASAD Dance Team will be preforming
  • I will be interviewing Sharon Asebe who is the president of ASAD and Ada Ayuk who is a part of the ASAD dance team. They both are walking in the show as well.

This is an article about last years show

I can use audio and video from the show itself. I can also take a video of my interviews and use soundbites. I can record the rehearsals and take pictures of the models and clothes.

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