Aimé et perdu
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Waking up next to you, the one place I shouldn’t be, was a divine comedy.

Light racing through wooden blinds we smiled so big it turned to laughs, as we stared deeply into each others eyes and cracked-up like two eggs in a pan laughing at an absurd situation.

And then you kissed me…

Deeply, like we’d sewn our hearts together in a single act so binding we were now a unified dough tumbling around until the timer buzzes.

There was a chalkboard in your kitchen.

We scratched our names in slowly and watched it evolve every day together, the residue hit the bench-top in perfect harmony to every pulse of our muscles as they collided into one another.

Clutched fingers around arms digging into stomachs and back arches.

Pulling clothes, moving edges aside.

The gentle run of imperfect fingertips across a perfect body made of two.

Raising my hand under your arm, lifting you, feeling you bite my neck.

Pushing my weight against yours not knowing where to stop as I feel your hand run delicately down the back of my head and stop at my shoulders as your chin meets mine.


Entire universes in your eyes and mine.

The colour, cuticle, each little discrepancy.

Staring into an endorphin-filled pool of love so deep our hearts melted in a total overload.

There is love here, now.

There is love written on your face as if leaving you, would kill you.

There is love carved in our skin like we’re tattooed from head to toe with each others names.

There is love written in every scientific and unexplainable momentary connection between us…

…Today I wrote ‘Floating’ on the chalkboard, as you lifted your last sentence.

“Do you ever stop loving someone?” I asked a friend.

Their eyes went from ground to sky and all around as pain filled every pore of their face.

Staring deeply into my eyes entire universes collided between us and just as everything fell silent…

They said,


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