Keep Our Scenes Free From Bigotry

Cain Abaddon
Mar 13 · 4 min read


Satanists come from a range of varied and eclectic backgrounds, and many of us have come from, and still exist within, the various alternative music scenes — rock, metal, punk, goth, industrial and more. Our love of these scenes intertwines with our Satanism, often embracing the same themes, imagery and symbolism.

We are sad to say that many of us are noticing a rise in hatred and bigotry in the music scenes which we hold dear. We’ve witnessed racism, homophobia, transphobia, and other hate crimes. We’ve seen the symbols we use co-opted into messages of hate. People have been made to feel shamed and unwelcome in what were once open and inclusive communities.

We feel that it is our duty to stand up to this, and say: No more.

We are asking everyone; Satanists, music fans, bands, venues, shops and promoters to come together in unity to oppose this hatred. To use the Satanic values of compassion, empathy, and justice to combat bigotry wherever and whenever we see it. By standing together, we can show the people who spread this hatred that they are not welcome. We want our local scenes to be free of prejudice and enjoyable for all.

Solidarity Not Cancelling

One of most ineffective and damaging ways of attempting to fight bigotry is in shut down or cancel culture. We do not advocate for this! (with the exception where band is openly and outright prejudiced e.g. neo-nazi and white power bands and should never be given a platform). We believe trying to cancel people and performers due to weak associations with other people is an extremely poor barometer of someone’s own beliefs.

Time and time again we see attempts to shut down tours and gigs because someone in the band has some weak association with someone else who may or may not be bigoted. This only serves to push people away from standing up against prejudice. This is not a solution.

(Although at the time of writing this, COVID-19 is doing its best to shut everything down).

Bigots by nature are not ashamed of their bigotry. If you push them on their prejudices they will double down on them. They are not smart and covert. They are unabashed in their racism/sexism/homophobia/transphobia etc.

Take the sub-genre of Black Metal for an example. The bands who are genuinely bigoted are proudly wearing their label of National Socialist Black Metal (NSBM). They don’t care if you know they are moronic bigots. They walk around with their white power symbols and their Operation Werewolf shirts on. They don’t want to hide it.

Black metal bands often don’t care about any politics whatsoever. They just want to play their songs about Satan, or cursed forests, or snowy mountains covered in Orcs. This doesn’t mean they are not completely opposed to bigotry in its many forms.

We should make it very clear though that the black metal scene is unfortunately not the only scene where we’re seeing this rise in bigots attending and ruining it for everyone. We are seeing it everywhere, from goth to retrowave.

So we are asking that everyone takes on a rational response to the continued rise of bigotry in our music scenes. The backlash we see at movements such as Antifa is not because people are pro-fascist, it’s because they strongly disagree with the cancel culture and the guilt-by-weak-association strategy that is so often used by factions within these movements.

Take The Power Back

We are asking everyone to unite in solidarity to throw bigotry out of our music scenes. Bands, venues, promoters, fans… we must all come together as one and stand against the wave of hate that we see sweeping over our beloved sub-cultures and communities.

Ban known bigots from your events. Stop the songs to eject people ‘seig heiling’ in the crowds. Let fans of your music know you will not tolerate any bigotry at your gigs.

We are asking people to utilise the metaphor of Satan in crushing all prejudice. The form of The Adversary who stands defiant against all oppression. Unite under the call of SATAN NOT HATIN’!

Get involved

If you are a venue or a promoter, please take some of our print materials and put up clear messages around your events & establishments that bigotry will not be tolerated. We have provided some examples for you to use, but please feel free to take the logos and make your own.

If you are a band, please help us to spread this message far and wide. Feel free to include the logos on any of your tour flyers or anything else you feel may help.

If you are fan, then please sign up at our site and talk to your local venues and promoters to encourage them to take a stand with us all.

Please visit our site to sign up and to keep updated in this fight:

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