Fighting Fire With Flyer!

I recently read a fascinating article on the evolution of the Fire service, it stated fighting a raging fire is one of the toughest uphill battles in the public-safety world. When the call comes, firefighters are forced to rush into a blaze or disaster scene with very little information — often having no idea of the size and scope of the fire nor how many potential victims may be cut off from rescue. The good news is– sUAVs (drones) have arrived and they are fast becoming the most important firefighting tool since the invention of the fire hose

Almost daily there are multiple case studies from Fire departments around the globe that have witnessed value from introducing sUAV technology. A key area of their success has been to focus on engaging with sUAV professionals, much like our team at AirVu to ensure their staff are properly trained in the skills required to deploy sUAVs safely and effectively on emergencies within their area of operations. By working together, with Fire departments (as the fire experts, and us as the aerial experts) we can ensure a successful program is delivered to cost effectively increase a Fire house’s fire fighting and search and rescue capabilities, to name but a few.

A quick search on Google will show you how sUAVs have endless uses at an emergency scene, not forgetting within a nonemergency role too, from pre-planning to training etc. Consider the usefulness of sending a sUAV to accurately size up a hazardous material incident at a chemical, or electricity plant; managing of a local, large-scale highly active hot spot area (such as a dried out summer forest bed, or a major landfill in a hot and humid country) knowing when to cool these spots to prevent break outs; or the ability to get an aerial view of incident operations, from traffic accidents to large commercial building fires.

My experience shows sUAV operations do not come without concerns, and it is an area AirVu have invested a great amount of resources to ensure we can provide clients cost effective operation solutions. When used properly, sUAVs can enhance almost everything firefighters already do. When used properly this technology can have a positive impact on firefighter safety, fire ground tactics, training, and many other operational scenarios in emergency and nonemergency tasks.

As many others have stated before me, using sUAVs can help

  • Eliminate surprises by understanding a scene and its threats before your crew even makes first contact.
  • Do a 360-degree perimeter evaluation in a fraction of the time it takes on foot.
  • Fully autonomous, hands-free capabilities give you real-time streaming video of fire and HAZMAT situations in daylight and thermal.
  • What used to take hours or days can now be accomplished in minutes (Weekly hotspot checks at the dump).
  • Go where no helicopter, ladder truck, boat or human being can go.
  • Significantly reduce costs

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