Movidiam’s Interview with AirVu’s David Walshe

Movidiam caught up with David Walshe 
Movidiam: What made you jump into UAV operations in the Cayman Islands?
David: After I left the military, and having earned a Masters in Global Marketing I joined a long family line of successful ‘Admen’ in the industry. After cutting my teeth in the UK I decided to seek out pastures new; an area of the world I could become part of the industry evolution off of my own drive! Since that decision I am very proud of the high calibre of work produced, and in our business this is only possible by keeping up with the fast pace of change. This evolution continues daily while working with the rest of the amazing AirVu team.

Movidiam: Why did you decide to transition from advertising?
David: I noticed in the advertising world the ever growing dependency on video content so I guess I sort of attempted to forward plan my career a little (in terms of the communications industry), and opted to switch the side of the coin I worked in, so I went from agency into production. Being honest my role isn’t such a major change from my military days, it is still a bit like being a sniper, except now I am just ensuring my clients are engaging the right target audience.

Movidiam: What encouraged you to move to the West Indies?
David: From what I researched, it appeared the Communications industry here was playing catch up. The technology was here — Red Epics, drones, gimbals along with the 4G infrastructure, and fibre network expansions. However the content to fully utilize these channels was not being produced or implemented to its full potential. That was a major draw: there was a gap in the market.

Movidiam: How did this leap work out initially?
David: At first I needed to be careful not to be that “City Guy” coming in shouting “I can do it better”, but instead understand the industry here has amazing talent, just the wider production and agency business world wasn’t aware of it and/or using it to its full potential. A recent example of this was when the local Department of Tourism, via their selected Ad Agency in Florida, chose a Florida-based film production partner to produce a marketing piece for Cayman. I found it interesting as it was an opposite approach to that taken by Costa Rica whose Department of Tourism won multiple awards for their latest marketing campaign known as “Save The Americans” which utilized Costa Rica’s local production talent to develop the campaign content. A missed opportunity perhaps?
It was all documented here:… 
We do have a challenge here in the region, and that is explaining the value of video to traditionally minded business owners, who themselves are often not aware or understand how the new millennial end user consumes their information. It may seem hard to believe but print still reigns supreme in the region and breaking that comfort zone is challenging.

Movidiam: What are the advantages of being based in the Cayman Islands? Do you find networking easy?

David: The weather for shooting and flying is great! Networking can be a challenge, but I would argue this is the case in any location. It is my job as Business Development to build those relationships wherever they are. Geographically I don’t feel being based in Cayman affects this process, with society now living in an “internet of everything” world, we are all but a good final product away from being shared, liked and discovered by new markets. Add the amazing local talent pool and Cayman rocks as a place to call our HQ.

Movidiam: What part does Movidiam play?
David: Our international client base is growing daily and having Movidiam as an international project management tool that is easy to use is key to our continued success. We originally began capturing aerials and working with a number of freelancers on productions but we were often finding the consistency in quality was lacking, so we evolved to taking the full production skills in house. Alongside local and international partners, Movidiam gives us the project management tools to run multiple projects simultaneously through the platform, and discover talent worldwide. Our entire team and anyone we come across we recommend Movidiam to.

Movidiam: What features are you currently using through the site?
David: We just completed a fully integrated PSA (Public Service Announcement) using an agency partner in the UK and via the PM features we weren’t affected by time zones etc to manage milestones and this initial project’s success has led to us jointly securing another major client.
AirVu /user199 is a full service creative media agency, and an Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) company certified by the Cayman Civil Aviation Authority to operate commercially in the region. They run multiple projects through Movidiam, shooting ground and aerial productions for clients both locally and internationally. AirVu, David, and more of his team are profiling on Movidiam.