Why you need to learn think less

You must will learn think less. When you more thinking then much time you spend.

However the most important thing — when you more thinking then your life become a melancholy.

You sort out in your memory all situations which you had. You thinking about this situations and potential variants other results. You are dreaming about perfect life.

After this thinks you return in real world and you feel melancholy because of your unrealized opportunity and understanding that necessary make a lot of effort on a way with your dreams.

Instead of move on — you continue sit still and feel sorry for yourself.

Your brain it’s your enemy. Think less — make more.

Every time when you come to your ideal world of thoughts in your head — run away from it, distract yourself from this.

Simply make your actions and not thinking that you did right or wrong.

It’s begin — move forward and don’t sit still.

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