I, Racist
John Metta

So hard to read this and admit freshly what I already know to be true — about myself and about our nation. I will be sending this to many people in the hope that they will reckon with it. And I will be reading it often, praying for and seeking out fresh opportunities to do the work this truth requires of me. One of the most disappointing things about our society (and ourselves) is that we so blindly see the world and estimate our values through the lens of our own experiences, without much reflex, if any, to consider the experience of others. Human beings are way less sympathetic & empathetic than we want to take credit for. I was reminded of this by all the otherwise well-meaning and kind “non-racist” people I know here in SC who just couldn’t get it about the confederate flag. They couldn’t see past their own lives & sentiments, warm fuzzy Southern feelings. And the lengths they would go to in justifying or downplaying. They were wholly, internally convinced. Much work. Much soul searching to be done. Thanks for telling the truth. Blessings, man.

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