Why Quitting Your Job to Chase Your Dream Is a Terrible Idea
Jeff Goins

I don’t agree. Continuous improvement “Kaizen” is a must but it’s far easier to do if you can dedicate your entire focus to what you are trying to achieve. And “success” doesn’t need to be defined by money. I jumped from the corporate world in 2010 and never looked back. Although the first few years were tough financially, the reward of working for yourself and day-to-day following your dream was an immediate success in my eyes. My life changed for the better straight away. I hadn’t run a business before and there is only one way to learn. You can’t slowly pick up the skills of running a full-time business whilst you’re still in your corp job. Sometimes you’ve just got to jump, go for it and learn as you go (that’s the Kaizen bit for me). 6 years later, I run a reasonably successful business of 65 employees and I live a comfortable life but it’s been bloody hard work. However, there is no way I could have got the business to where it is now without having quit my job and chased my dreams. Be prepared to fail and then try, try again. Sometimes you’ve got to just take risks but you’ll have fun along the way. There’s no lie in my story.