Interesting idea, though it seems like some things are still yet to be figured out.
Tim Boucher

Hi Tim,

Thanks for writing a response! Couple details-

  1. All the seeds on Menuplanting come from 6 seed producers, one of which (the largest by far) is in fact Johnny’s. We love their dedication and craft.
  2. Farmers see the seeds in ounces in their side of the platform- we had some trouble in testing with buyers not having a good understanding of what that meant, so we transferred this to numerical values. Tough to explain to a non-farmer the difference between an ounce of tomato seeds and an ounce of sweet pea!
  3. Ginseng on the platform is leaf consumption only, as the root takes too long to get to market. We’ll amend the description now.
  4. When you match with a buyer on Menuplanting, you’ll have the choice of either accepting our shipment of seeds from one of our partners, or getting your own of the identical varietal. We’ve found in testing that certain farmers have a long standing relationship with a single seed co, and we let folks keep that intact.


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