Why I Don’t Have a Cell Phone
Cynthia Ann Kazandjian

I applaud your courage! I take a middle ground: no instagram or Facebook or social media (except long form articles), and I do not answer my phone or text while I’m in any kind of face to face interaction. I also turn it to silent if I decide I don’t want to be interrupted. My big wake up call came about 5 years ago when my son was 4 or 5. He wanted to show me something he could do and he specifically told me not to bring my phone with me. Up until that moment I didn’t realize my phone use was becoming a problem. The next day I put all of my contacts on notice: do not expect an immediate response from me, and don’t take it personally. I am busy raising my son and he comes first. Ill get back to you when I have time, just like we used to when we all used landlines. I can’t say that it’s been easy- one family member in particular will call and leave a voicemail, then immediately text me, and then forward the text to my email, and then call me again if I don’t respond soon enough. But I’m okay with doing whatever it takes to not miss a moment of raising my son, and to make sure he never has to guess if I love my phone more than I love him.