tuesday july 25th

it was my first day at trader joe’s. i have never been more excited and nervous to start a job before. i forgot how natural my kindness can be, how natural i interact sweetly with strangers. i have a good heart, above anything else. i am proud of my ability to be kind. i want to spread positivity, and i think trader joe’s is a great place to create that space.

i’m so excited.


i’m thankful for face masks;

i’m thankful for pizza;

i’m thankful for my sweet dogs. they bring so much joy to my life.

im thankful for norah, the baby girl i saw today. her big eyes, being able to witness my own curiousity in such a little body

im thankful for ashley, and patri and ben. they made my first day of work seem like easy work. something to strive towards, to consistently alter my process so that i worked better, faster, more productively.

im thankful for my mom’s love.

im thankful for where i am at.