Hello Ms. Jansen.
Naomi Hanson

You missed the point. I already agreed that not all cops are bad. No one is saying all cops are bad. By choosing to keep accusing me of that you are distracting from the real problem.

In the same vein, no one is saying 'only black lives matter’. When some one says 'black lives matter’, they are using shorthand for 'In the context of the systematic oppression in the United States, black lives do not seem to matter because they are disproportionately affected by police brutality and we should change that’.

Also being 'colour blind' won’t solve racism. By saying you don’t see colour, you are ignoring all of the extra that someone who isn’t white doesn’t have to go through.

While I am white and cannot speak for the personal experience of being black in the United States, there are many of firsthand experiences documented here on medium. In the same way that your heart lit up when you saw the sweet video you posted, your heart should hurt when you read them. If it doesn’t, or if you think maybe those people deserved their hardship then you don’t value black lives equally with other lives. Which all anyone is trying to make happen and yes, I am try to make it happen because sitting by hoping it will doesn’t work.

Also here are two articles. The first explains why all lives matters is not a productive thing to say. The second why being 'colour' blind isn’t going to solve racism.



I started to follow you when you had a really nice comment on a women’s issues piece. Which is another thing I am passionate about. I wish you would apply the same empathy you showed there to race issues.