Reflection on How to hold your breathe

As you can see this is not our best effort. Toward the end when our actors continued to blow us off, we started to loose hope. That is why our live broadcast is not our best work. We blocked the scene so that the cameras would be able to follow both characters, but unforuntely our male actor forgot the blocking and had his back toward the camera majority of the time so our camera women had a hard time following. At the end I thought the credits were automatically going to role but I mistakenly hit the wrong button because I was aggravated.

If I could re do this I would have made sure my anger didn’t get to me as much and possibly had new actors. Also I would have done would be to lay out different pieces of tape so the actors knew excatly where to stand, As well as made sure the actors showed up to rehearsal. Another thing I would change would be the lighting, in some of the shots it looks blurry and to over lit.

All in all though I am very grateful for my experience here at regents, and I am thankful I took studio production. I feel as if I have learned a lot here and cant wait to take my knowledge back home. Thanks for a great semester, that I will never forget