week 10

What a stressful week this was. We had just came back from spring break and now its crunch time, all finals are coming up. One Tuesday everyone started doing run throughs of their live broadcast due on the last week. Except for my group, Unfourently our actors are not the most trust worthy people and tend not to show up or just leave early. Renee, Ishia and I are getting very arrgavated because on top of not showing up they don’t know their lines, blocking and no offence to them but they aren’t such great actors/actress’s you can tell they aren’t comfortable with each other. We have tried everything we can but they don’t listen. We spoke to Anna and Mike. They both are helping us figure out what to do so many thanks to them.

Rehearsal time isn’t just about practicing lines; it’s about establishing characters’ relationships with the other actors. If your characters are supposed to be members of a football team, get them to workout together and play football as a team.” — W.H Bourne

As the week went on it got a little better. In class on Thursday we watched every groups first draft or their recording session and got to critque one another. This was helpful to our group because now we know what to do and not do. Everything for our project is figured out just the actors need to be on board.

Friday from 2–5:45 we were in the studio…finally our actors showed up!!! we have our set done and everything now it was time to practice and see what they looked like in front of the cameras… the only thing was…we had no camera people so Renee Ishia and I had to work around this. As the vision mixer I worked in the gallery and talked to them on headset with the mic. So as Ishia and Renne were seeing what looked best on camera and having to be the camera person. I would have to vision mix and while doing that I was writing the camera script. This was so stressful. I think I have mastered the art of multi- tasking to the fullest :) ha ha. This was taking forever but we got up to the last page of the script then they kicked us out of the studio because we went 45 mins over the time limit.

Renee, Ishia and I are really trying hard to piece all of this together, and working very hard on this so hopefully by the time we have to record it will run smoothly.. fingers crossed!

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