Module 12

If anything you have done online makes up your digital footprint, what is YOUR digital footprint made up of?

Social media, University assessments, google, online books, using pinterest, twitter and now blogging.

Do you need to add anything to your last list? Add them here.

Canva, google docs, google slides, online shopping and instagram.

What will you change to make your digital footprint more suitable?

Check security settings more frequently, Delete unwanted post and tags, logout of social media sites more frequently and check on google what informations comes up about me.

Google yourself. Are you surprised by what you found?

Yes as there was information about another women with the same name, click on the link and it will take you to all media accounts. It is scary that you can google yourself and information will come up about you or a person with the same name. This is whyit is important to protect yourself on all social media’s and be cautious of the information you share.

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