Module 5

  1. After reading the blog my opinion about SAM/R has not changed that much as I still think incorporating technology in classroom is important a we need to think about future jobs. We as teachers will be teaching the next generation and as everything includes technology it is crucial that they learn how to use it effectivly. I believe that some study has shown that some students my not have achieved the results that were thought to be achieved but that may be due to the students not using it in the correct manner. It encourages to for project based learning which is a vital skill to have.
  2. The revised taxonomy i have chosen is A Revision of Bloom’s Taxonomy: An Overview by Krathwohl (2010) I feel this revision is similar to the original Bloom’s however there are some differences. The original focuses on what the child is doing or can do at the time with the words that are used but with the revised it is focusing on what the children need to be doing and what knowledge and cognitive processes. I identified most with Bloom’s as I feel it still had elements that were important for teachers and important for teachers to understand its use in the classroom.
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