What has intrigued me.

When looking at all the theories i was more drawn to Gardeners intelligence theory. This is an asset that will be useful for me to understand when I am a teacher, as I do believe all children are different and we such respect their different learning styles.

3 thing that have inspired you.

  1. The way children learning differently has inspired me to be a conscious teacher and focus on those areas where children may understand more with their learning style.
  2. How this relates to technology and the websites that cater for the children learning styles.
  3. It made me reflect on my own experience as I feel I was more of a body/kinaesthetic learner and if i was taught with that style I may have learnt more and was more interested in the content. This encourages me to think more about the students as I can relate, I want to them the way I did not get taught.

2 things that have intrigued you

  1. Bloom’s Digital taxonomy is intriguing to me as the teaching style is one that will be used in every classroom, I have seen this out on my Community engagement unit and it is amazing that this works and it works well.
  2. How Bloom’s Digital taxonomy and Gardener’s Multiple intelligences intertwine and with the webtool mash up seeing the internet sites that can help to achieve each intelligence and each stage of Bloom’s theory has made me look further.

1 thing you need to look further into

  1. Gamification will be one that I will have to look further into has I have not had the chance to investigate as I was more focused on Gardener’s and Bloom’s.