First Two Days in Greece

Athens is great. There are cafès everywhere, the food is amazing, and the old architecture is unbelievable. It is also very very hot here! Hotter than Florida, and there is not AC where we’re staying. It is only a window unit that gets turned on at night. Bob’s friend George is so nice and welcoming. George’s sister, Sofie, has been hanging out with us too. They’re both very helpful and speak perfect English.

The first thing we did when we got here was eat an authentic Greek meal called Souvlaki. It was amazing! After dinner we walked around the city central of Athens. All of the curbs, stairs, and most sidewalks are made out of marble! There was live music, and flea markets everywhere which was nice. We also got to see the guard change at the tomb of the unknown soldier in front of the Greek parliament.

Day 2

Today we did all of the tourist stuff! We saw acropolis, Parthenon, temple of Athena, and Temple of Olympian Zeus. It was mind blowing how these ancient buildings are still standing.

^ Parthenon^

^ Temple of Athena^

^ Zues’ Temple^

We also explored the city again today. We found the oldest distillery in Athens, and had an amazing Greek meal in the oldest part of the city called Plaka.

^ Greek salad and Souvlaki^

^ Oldest Distillery in Athens^

Tomorrow we are going to the beach, and to see George, and Sofie’s parents.

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