EDTS 240- Module 12

If anything you have done online makes up your digital footprint, what is YOUR digital footprint made up of?
My digital foot print would be made up of photos, videos and university blog posts and also websites created for university assessments.

What will you change to make your digital footprint more suitable?In the future, I will always keep in mind that whatever i post on the internet will be there forever and as a Primary school teacher this is important to keep a high reputation.

Google yourself. Are you surprised by what you found?I am not surprised as none of my photos came up. I am always extememly careful making sure all my profiles are on private.

Would you would use either of these videos with your primary students and why.

I would use the video “follow the digital footprint” as it clearly communicates to students the importance of being cautious of what you post online. It will convey the message that as soon as you post something online, it is there forever and can be never taken back!

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