I’ll be attending Philadelphia’s Innovation in the Cannabis Industry: Future Outlook Conference!

Will I be seeing you there?

“Philadelphia” film photography utilizing Lomography Lady Grey 35mm film. © Caitlin Murphy, 2015

I’ll be attending one of the only Pennsylvania conferences concerning marijuana, the industry in the state, and medical use this Friday, December 9th — I also have a code for $100 off ticket price if you’re interested in attending as well, which is GHVCM.

I’m incredibly excited to meet with industry professionals and to hear about how we’re moving forward in Pennsylvania as we move forward with medical marijuana in our state. This is something that;s incredibly important to me as someone who deals with chronic pain and other chronic issues that are often helped by cannabis consumption; having easier access in the state will help my quality of life immensely.

Moreover, there will be intense discussion about what the new President and Attorney General alongside 8 new states with some form of legal marijuana will mean for the industry and the larger conversation. Anyone watching can see that we’re on the cusp of a turning point in how Americans as a whole think about and vote regarding cannabis use, both medical and recreational. One strong example would be Florida; a state where 49% of voters voted for Trump and 48% voted for Hillary, while 71% voted to legalize medicinal marijuana in the state.

This is no longer a niche or simply partisan issue, and I’m interested to hear what industry professionals have to say on the complications facing us during this next Presidential term.

There is also a fully accredited course being offered by the Thomas Jefferson University Center For Medical Cannabis Research & Education (which requires separate ticket purchase) for medical professionals looking to enter the cannabis industry, which will take place in the morning before the rest of the conference.

You can learn more about the conference — and purchase tickets — here! Don’t forget my special code for $100 off ticket price, GHVCM. Hope to see you there, and comment or tweet me to let me know if you will be!

Otherwise, you can likely catch me live-tweeting on Friday about it and I will definitely be writing about it at various outlets in the not too distant future. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions!