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Dimitrius Lynch II of BisTalk. Courtesy of Instagram @moneymakinmeetro

Meet The New King of Instagram Who Wants to Help You Get Rich

In April 2015, Business Insider touted Tony Toutouni (@lunatic_living) as the new King of Instagram following in the footsteps of his predecessor, Dan Bilzerian (@danbilzerian).

The two famed bachelors gained Instagram popularity by posting provocative photos of their high profile lifestyle. Look both accounts up on Instagram and you’ll see a similar resonance — half naked women, money bundles, race cars, and private jets sprawled across their storylines.

Three years later, a low profile musician and businessman is showing up the traditional image of bachelor status wealth with a movement empowering ordinary people to claim their piece of the pie — no private jets or models required.

To date, Dimitrius Lynch II (@moneymakinmeetro) has 20.7K followers on Instagram including Hollywood starlets WAGS Atlanta star, Kesha Denise (@keshadenise), Actress on MTV show, Wild ‘N Out, Jacky Oh (@msjackyoh), and Radio Disney singer, Aja9 (@aja9). More impressive than the size of his following is what he’s doing to earn their follow in the first place.

A Legend in the Making

Born in Los Angeles in 1983, Dimitrius lived with his Mom before moving to Moreno Valley to be with his Dad and attend high school.

“South Central Los Angeles is one of the toughest areas to grow up in because of the constant danger of gangs, shootings, drugs, and other things that can mentally trap you into making the wrong decisions.”

As a family man with a clean image, Dimitrius (or ‘The Meetch’) is a stark contrast to his fellow IG kings, Toutouni and Belzerian. Instead of enticing audiences to simply pursue wealth, he’s using his platform to be a role model as a father, husband, and entrepreneur.

“I’m grateful for the positive male role models I had in my life, such as my father being a Los Angeles City fireman my whole life. He made it possible for me to see other parts of the world and expand my horizons and visions, and gave me the belief that the world is much larger than the urban warfare I was used to seeing as a kid. Those memories I hold close. They give me a standard to hold my own and give my children the same experiences, if not better, than what was afforded to me.”

On a platform where people profit from boasting materialism through photographs, Dimitrius is doing something very different. He is leading generations to see Instagram as a mainstream income opportunity with his tool, BisTalk (short for Business Talk).

“I want to leave a positive impact on as many people as possible and inspire people to live out their own dreams and not be stuck in ‘the system’ building other people’s dreams their whole lives,” he explains.

Leading Generations to Utilize Instagram as Mainstream Income

BisTalk was formed out of necessity for Dimitrius as a struggling artist and is on course to becoming one of the world’s first multi-faceted social media tools to simultaneously schedule Instagram posts, target ideal leads, create hashtags while complying with the algorithms and policies of Instagram’s evolving technology make up.

“I was struggling to get my music heard by more people who I knew would enjoy it and was spinning my wheels in circles getting nowhere. Then I learned about finding my target audience online. Long story short, I figured out how to automate my Instagram page and drive the traffic that I needed, and the people who would love my music, directly to me.”

After about a year of promoting his music, Dimitrius had the epiphany that even more people would want the actual traffic he could create, not just his own music. That’s how BisTalk was born.

“Social media is not just for sharing things like food, your dog … it’s big business, and it can connect you with anyone in the world just from your cell phone. A lot of people take for granted what they can do with it, so I’m here to give them the paradigm shift needed to make the lightbulb go off in their head.”

In addition to raising the moral bar for Instagram fame, Dimitrius is completely changing the way users approach Instagram. Of course, there are other software tools accomplishing similar tasks. Competitors like Crowdfire and Schedugram are also known for garnering followers automatically and scheduling posts, but the one missing component in their tools? Human contact.

Dimitrius attributes his success with BisTalk to both his ‘gift of gab’ and being a major people person.

“You deal directly with me, the owner. I’m the one who is actually managing your Instagram account. I’m not passing it off to someone else to do. All of my personal clients get direct 1:1 consulting from me. I give them the same tips and strategies that helped me get ahead and attract over 20,000 followers onto my personal Instagram page and gained my clients hundreds of thousands followers combined, so they can generate income for themselves daily.”

He’s not kidding —if you look at his Instagram page, you’ll see testimonies of how others are not only growing their following, but making money as passive income with his Instagram tool.

The Future of BisTalk

When asking the new King what his next move was for his business, he replied:

“I’m going to continue building BisTalk into an exclusive place where people know they can get results for their business, being the best father and husband I can be, and helping as many people as I can for as long as I live.”

Since writing this article, BisTalk is becoming one of the top in-demand social media tools worldwide because of its versatility to be leveraged for major ROI in small businesses, personal brands, e-commerce sites, and more.

Priceless Wealth

No matter how much BisTalk may cost for someone to use, the kind of value Dimitrius offers his Instagram followers can never actually be purchased because everything he does comes from his heart.

I don’t know about you, but ’ll take this new IG King’s authenticity over pictures of models and poker any day.

Long live the king.

If you want to know how you can do it with his tool, BisTalk, Dimitrius is more than happy to show you, all you have to do is reach out to him.

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