At the beginning of my 2016 Junior year, coming in to Excel TECC (Career program that several high schools are a part of that deal with what each students want to do as a career), my only goal was to learn how to edit and edit videos and photos. As the year went on, I learned more than that: How to take photos and what to use to get the right lighting, exposure, etc.

Here is a small gallery of photos taken at the beginning of the year of 2016 versus the middle of 2017

Most photos are unedited unless specified


One of the first nature photos I took, August 30 2016

Versus 2017

Taken on Easter of 2017


Taken in September of 2016


Taken in April of 2017 (edited)

WATER (As the focus):

Taken in September of 2016


Taken in April of 2017 (edited)

When I do take photos I imagine everything out and try to make it a reality as much as I can. if there is something in that photo I want to emphasize, I will edit it as much as I can. Here are some photos that show the edited results


Taken in August 2016


Taken in April 2017

I always try to use the right exposure, lighting, ISO, and shutter when it comes to taking a picture and editing the photo the way that I imagine it. All pictures that I take tell a story, no matter how simplistic it might be, it will always tell a story through what was used to get the point across.

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