Reflecting on the process of developing Couch Potato

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Working on Couch Potato was a huge learning opportunity for our team. It was one of our first times developing a project from scratch, without any kind of starting template. To face such a daunting challenge and be able to create a product we can stand behind and use regularly was extremely rewarding and empowering.


Overall, the single feature we are proudest of is the synchronized play/pause across Couch Potato users. As Grace mentioned in her comparison of Couch Potato to Hulu Watch Party, even Hulu’s official social distance viewing solution does not include this feature. …

Utilizing the new GitHub profile readme feature

For software engineers (and particularly for those that are job hunting), it can be helpful to have a portfolio to highlight noteworthy projects. For developers that enjoy front-end work, this can be a fun project in itself. But for those that aren’t interested in creating their own website, GitHub’s new profile readme feature provides a great alternative.

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Before getting started, make sure you have optimized your GitHub profile as it currently exists. Edit your profile to include a brief bio, and some additional information such as your city and a relevant link (such as your LinkedIn profile). …

How we incorporated feedback to improve the user experience

In our last post, we outlined our process for collecting feedback from users of our Chrome extension, Couch Potato. How did we then incorporate this feedback into our product?

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Based on the feedback from our users, we identified a few areas for potential improvement. First of all, while some users found our extension to be intuitive to use, others were less confident and felt they could have benefitted from more explicit instructions. While reviewing this feedback, we realized there were actually two separate problems being described. …


Caitlin Floyd

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