Global Network

Our society has developed into that of a global network, systems that connect over several continents joining the entire world together. Over the years we have seen several changes within the world. We have seen Modernism throughout the 19th and early 20th century. In the late 20th century saw post-modernism which has now evolved into the word we know today.

Kazys Varnelis was optimistic that the rise of a networked media industry marks the rise of network culture (Varnelis, K. 2008). However his idea is not one supported by some. Geert Lovkin didn’t believe that advancements in technology and the way we connect were a positive outcome because he believed our dependence on a network society and machinery is cause for concern.

Modernism is based on the machine and all it has achieved (Levenson, M H 2011), Post-Modernism is based on technology and how its contribution to globalisation(Jencks C, 1996). The movement in today’s society is strongly based on the connection of the world. Varnelis believes that societies progress to a global network or network society as that is the natural sequence following the above movements. Lovkin did not agree and stated that “Pulling the plug on the net is like suicide”(Electronic Lonliness, 1999). What Lovkin meant by this is that societies reliance on this has caused it to crumble as well as lack content and to a degree function. However Varnelis view is very optimistic in that the global networks of today’s society are strengths in the world as they help to decentralise economic trade and social development as well as help the world to become more connected. This will only help to encourage a better understanding and advance cultural transformation. Lovkin states throughout his video that the world is not experiencing life instead they are leaving the interfacing to experience it for them(Electronic Lonliness, 1999).

There is no doubt that advancements in technology have allowed people to connect further and wider and on more levels and there is no running from what has been achieved through globalization. All society can do is adapt and learn and not allow these channels of communication to stop them from enjoying the face to face interactions of society.

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