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About Me

Hi friends! My name is Caitlin Jill Anders, and I’m a full-time writer living in Los Angeles. I’ve loved to write ever since I was a kid, and I’m very fortunate to be living out the dreams that little baby Caitlin had of being a professional writer and getting to connect with people from all around the world. I’m so thankful for everyone who has helped to make this happen and continues to go on this journey with me.

There are a lot of little things about me that people might find…

Have fun with it!

Photo by Raychan on Unsplash

Obviously, sex with the people we care about and are attracted to is great any time of the year — but still, there’s something that just feels special about birthday sex.

Birthday sex is such a fun way to celebrate the day you were born and welcome in the next year of your life. Of course, birthday sex can and often does look just like sex on any other day, and that’s fantastic. Whatever it looks like for you, as long as it’s safe and consensual, sex is fantastic, in all its forms.

However, if you want to, you can…

Both have their ups and downs.

Photo by Helena Yankovska on Unsplash

Whenever I start talking to someone new about my sex life, a topic that always inevitably comes up is threesomes. I’ve had more threesomes than a lot of people, and it’s something they seem to enjoy chatting about. Sometimes they have a lot of questions, and it can be hard to answer them all, because really, every threesome is different, and the experience you have heavily depends on who’s involved.

I’ve had threesomes where it’s me and two men, and threesomes where it’s me, a man, and another woman. …

It happens sometimes.

Photo by Moritz Mentges on Unsplash

I’m a big fan of threesomes. I’ve had a whole bunch of them, and overall, my reviews are strong. Whenever I start planning out a threesome, I carefully consider each person involved and whether or not the dynamic will work out. It’s always a bit of a gamble, but I usually manage to nail it.

There was one time, though, where I completely missed the mark.

I was involved in a threesome that ended up being not super great. It was interesting because the three of us had had one threesome before, but I think it was so new and…

Lean into your awkwardness.

Photo by Official on Unsplash

When I was a kid, a lot of the time, I enjoyed playing by myself on the playground. It’s not that I didn’t want to play with other kids; I just didn’t always know how, and playing alone oftentimes was easier than trying to figure it out.

For me, social anxiety has been a theme my entire life, and I know I’m not alone. No matter to what degree you suffer, worrying about how to talk to people without coming off as weird or how to make new friends when you’re so scared is a very real thing. It’s not…

It can be done safely.

Photo by courtney coles on Unsplash

It’s been a year now, and we’re still in the midst of a global pandemic. Maybe there’s an end in sight. Honestly, it’s hard to say. What we do know is that we still need to be careful when we interact with others — and obviously, that can make the whole having sex thing a bit tricky.

It’s important to remember that, especially right now, everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to having sex in a pandemic. There are some things you and your partner(s) may be comfortable with and some things you may not be just yet…

The love people have for this game is infectious

It took me a while to try out another new game on Twitch. I got into a groove of playing a lot of Stardew Valley with some Sims 4 thrown in sporadically. I absolutely adore Stardew Valley and have gotten a little obsessed with it, but I also know that in order to keep growing my audience, I probably need to branch out and try some more new games here and there.

Honestly, I think my anxiety gets in the way of that process sometimes. I’m more comfortable playing things I know, especially when I’m going through a particularly anxious…

Trust me, it’s fantastic.

Photo by We-Vibe WOW Tech on Unsplash

When we think about masturbation, a lot of people seem to immediately think of it as an alone only activity. Something that you do in the dark under the covers in secret, with the door closed and no one else around. This kind of thinking suggests that our society still places some shame on masturbation when really we have nothing to be ashamed of. Masturbating is a way to give ourselves pleasure, and there’s absolutely nothing bad about that.

Masturbation also doesn’t have to be a solo activity. You can do it with a partner, too. Not only is it…

Every move counts.

Photo by Chris Greene on Unsplash

We’ve been doing the pandemic thing for a year now, and it doesn’t seem like things are going back to “normal” just yet. A lot of things still aren’t safe, including traditional dating. It’s hard to meet someone out in the wild these days, and even if you use a dating app, sometimes it just feels so heavy. How do you make sure that you’re being safe and aren’t potentially putting yourself or anyone else at risk?

Dating looks different these days. It has to. It’s still possible to meet someone and start to date in the middle of the…

Hint: orgasms have nothing to do with it.

Photo by Claudia van Zyl on Unsplash

When a friend is telling us about a new romantic situation or a casual hookup, a common question a lot of us like to ask is, “But how was the sex?”

Sometimes we’re looking for the juicy details, but we’re also looking for a sign that the sex was a positive experience. We want to hear that the sex was good, and if it was bad, we sigh and commiserate and help our friend vow to go out and find better.

No one wants to deal with bad sex — but then I’ve got to ask the question. …

Caitlin Jill Anders

Full-time writer with anxiety figuring it out. I like talking about sex, mental health, relationships, and everything in between.

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