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Coming home for Spring Break my sophomore year of college was the time I chose to do it. Everyone around me offered their words of support. My best friend’s mom even offered to let me stay at their house for the rest of break if I wasn’t allowed to stay at home. No one knew how it would go or how things would be five years later.

My sheltered, religious upbringing was not particularly conducive to self-exploration, at least not outside the exploration of my role as God’s child. My parents were strict, though very loving. Nothing close to the…

The history behind the sculptures of men with tiny, flaccid ding dongs

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A few years ago, I was browsing one of my favorite local bookstores. A man near me started having audible reactions to the book he was holding. “Wow...WOW…interesting…” I tried to ignore him, but curiosity got the better of me. I turned to him and said, “What?”

He held the page out toward me and, unfortunately, said, “I just don’t understand why all these Greek guys’ penises are so tiny! Mine is massive, so I’d be pissed if I had a statue made of me with a super small penis.”

The following text is the long version of what I…

From story to packaging to consistency, we’ll cover it all

Hands holding a glass full of beer under a beer tap
Hands holding a glass full of beer under a beer tap
Photo by Joaquin Romero on Unsplash

Before we dive in, here are a bunch of really important numbers to reassure you you’re in the right industry:

According to the U.S. Brewer’s Association, overall beer volume sales in the United States were down 1% in 2018, but craft brewer sales grew at a rate of 4% by volume, reaching 13.2% of the U.S. beer market by volume.

Retail dollar sales of craft increased 7%, up to $27.6 billion, and now account for more than 24% of the $114.2 billion U.S. beer market.

All these numbers and data represent two key points:

  1. It’s a great time to be…

Hot dog on a teal surface
Hot dog on a teal surface
Photo by Charles on Unsplash

As you can tell from my byline, my last name is Weiner. That’s pronounced “wee-ner,” not “whiner.” You know, like a hot dog. Or, more importantly, like a penis.

I like to joke with my parents now that they did a horrible job of preparing me for what would come once I entered the world with the last name Weiner. No one told me! I struggle to comprehend how I went around until I was six years old not knowing that my last name had any sort of connotation, let alone a negative/hilarious one. There are now famous people with…

And how I would re-write it years later

Hands golding coffee and a smart phone
Hands golding coffee and a smart phone

Several years ago, I decided to quit my ad agency job and freelance full-time. It was a terrifying, daunting decision, but the prospect of getting to be my own boss and select my own writing topics was enough to push me through. So, with no clients and plenty of bills to pay, I began sending cold emails to local brands and agencies. After some trial and error, this became my go-to cold email:

Hi there,

My name is Caitlin, and I’m a local SEO Writer/Content Creator. I’ve been looking through your website, and I thoroughly enjoy the emotion and purpose…

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People often joke about the stereotype that lesbians love Subarus. I, as a Subaru-owning lesbian, am quite familiar and comfortable with this association. What many don’t know, however, is that this association is not a practical coincidence — it’s an association that Subaru marketed hard to cultivate.

Subaru needed a change

During the early 1990s, the executives at Subaru saw a steady decline that needed to be combatted. They hired a young, hip ad agency that failed in its first attempt to fight the larger car corporations for the classic car-buying demographic of white, male 18- to 35-year-olds.

For take two, they changed their…

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Like many a literary nerd, I was a long time elitist when it came to how I consumed books. For me, it had always been physical, paper books, or nothing. I’ve spoken to other book dorks such as myself (mostly other holders of English degrees), and I was not alone in this stance. “There’s just nothing like holding the pages between your fingers and feeling the weight of the book,” is a defense I’ve definitely used. And “I really like to write notes in the margins,” is another one I’ve heard a lot. We, as a group, tend to be…

If a college education should be available to all, higher ed websites should be accessible to everyone

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An Americans with Disabilities Act lawsuit was recently issued to 50 colleges and universities by a blind prospective student who felt the schools’ websites were not accessible. Not just tiny schools, either — big ones like Northeastern, Drexel, and Cornell are at the top of the list (figuratively speaking, that is, the list is in alphabetical order). Subsequently, many schools were also audited by the ADA to ensure they are working toward full WCAG compliance for their institutional websites.

Why accessibility is important in higher education

Yes, it’s important you don’t get sued. …

How specialized doctors can benefit from localized searches

Red toothbrush
Red toothbrush
Photo by Alex on Unsplash

For some time, I worked as an SEO Writer/Editor for an orthodontist digital marketing agency. Awfully specific, I realize. But it’s by diving deep into a niche area like this that marketers and agencies can develop rare knowledge that clients can rely on. We did a lot of things wrong at this agency in terms of SEO, but doing things wrong helped us hone how to do things exactly right.

A couple of important concepts before we jump into the checklist:

Localized SEO Is Your Best Friend

When it comes to orthodontia and similar businesses, it’s true that people will do some traveling in order to…

The following contains spoilers from Stranger Things season 3.

Robin and Steve from Stranger Things
Robin and Steve from Stranger Things

In an incredibly touching scene that can only be described as Steve and Robin on a bathroom floor tripping on some Russian truth serum drug, Stranger Things created a really important moment in modern TV.

A quick summary: Steve Harrington expresses that he has romantic feelings for Robin Buckley. Robin, terrified and close to tears, comes out to him, though not with any label in particular. She confesses that she had a crush on another girl while she and Steve were in high school together, and we get the picture.

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