Love Sick NYC

I have a crush… actually maybe it’s more than a crush. I haven’t seen them for 2 days and in this time I have felt an aching longing in my stomach. I can’t stop thinking about them. I am desperate to be in their arms again. I feel frantic, unsettled. Why must we be so far apart!

It was a two week affair. Every day, every night, for those two weeks, we were together. I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight. But, despite my hesitation, once I fell I could not get enough, and leaving them broke my heart.

The object of my sudden and all consuming affection is not a person, it is a city.

New York City.

Like having your heart broken and suddenly understanding all of those sad love songs, I now understand why so many songs have been written in devotion to New York City.

The City is more than a City… whilst I only walked it’s streets for two weeks, leaving felt like leaving a part of me. Like leaving a friend… a lover.

Since returning to Australia 2 days ago, I cannot stop thinking about the City. I am aching to return there, I feel desperate, the pain you feel in your heart when you are infatuated with someone who you can’t have. Plotting in my head how I can possibly go back there, submit myself to the love affair, and never return.

I no longer feel satisfied in my comfortable home town knowing that you exist out there.

I have been enchanted, now under its magic spell that so many others have felt before me.

New York, I am officially aroused. Like a desperate lover, I am counting the days until I am back in your indifferent arms.