Imagine this. Earth has discovered a planet populated by an intelligent, civilised alien species. You are called upon for a mission to help this civilisation resolve the conflicts in their society and to reduce violence and injustice.

You touch down on the planet and discover there a two distinct types of aliens, blue aliens, and green aliens, each making up roughly 50% of the entire planet’s population.

In conducting your research, you find out that every single one of the blue aliens you speak to has at some time in their life experienced violence, harassment, or intimidation, at the hands of a green alien. In fact, many of them report that they experience this on a regular basis, and avoid certain daily tasks and behaviours because of their fear of what green aliens may do to them. For example, blue aliens don’t go outside alone after the planet’s two suns go down, or will trade high value crystals for private sky-taxis instead of catching the publicly available transport pods.

On the other hand, when interviewing the green aliens, a lot of them report that they have never harassed, intimidated, or been violent towards a blue alien. It must just be a small sector of green aliens doing this.

Meanwhile, the blue aliens are trying to speak out about this injustice, telling their stories and expressing their desires to be free from these behaviours that they regularly experience from aliens who 99% of the time happen to be green. Some even fear that they will be killed by their green-alien life partner! You also note with concern that the average green alien is larger and stronger than the average blue alien, and therefore able to cause more harm.

What would your advice be to this alien society? If you’ve got half the entire population reporting that they experience harassment or violence, from members of the other half of the population, to the point of feeling fearful or on high alert when going out their daily tasks, would you think there may be a problem in this society that should be addressed?

Or would you tell the blue aliens that because it’s #notallgreens, they have no right to raise the issue? That they should just shut up and get over it because they are obviously just ugly, green-hating-blue-minazis?