The best day

The only things in life that have managed to overwhelm me with awe, to take my breath away, to make my heart burst with joy, are things that exist in nature.

The rhythmically crashing waves; the sky turning pink and purple as the sun sets; looking out over snow capped mountains into the valley and lakes below; a full moon; when it’s so dark you can see the Milky Way tearing open the night sky. Thunderstorms; the sun’s reflection creating sparkles on a blue sea…

This earth is a magical place and we are incredibly lucky to be here.

The best day of my life

Was the day I accidentally swam with dolphins. My best friend and I were swimming in the bay, it was a hot day and the sun was sparkling off the surface of the sea. We were just treading water, floating around and talking, when all of a sudden her boyfriend, who had been sitting on the beach, came sprinting down the sand, pointing towards us and shouting something.

He was too far away for us to hear. But all the other swimmers started rushing out of the water. Luckily, just as I turned my head and saw the fin, I heard the word Terry was shouting as he was splashing towards us in the water —


Had I seen the fin first before hearing that word, I probably would have died from panic!

He was right , they were dolphins! Two of them, swimming a couple of meters away from us. I screamed, both exhilarated and terrified. They were these big, wild creatures, I’d only ever seen from afar, and suddenly they were right next to us. I was still treading water and was scared I’d accidentally kick one of them, they were that close.

However they were also very fast and were swimming away! Terry, the knowledgeable seafarer on account of his sailing experience, started slapping the top of the water with his cupped hand, telling Laura and I to do the same. “They’ll hear the noise and come back to check it out, they’re super curious.” He explained. So the three of us were furiously swimming in the direction of the dolphins, slapping the water and squealing with delight.

Meanwhile, everyone else who had been swimming was standing along the shoreline watching, they’d all legged it out of the water in the excitement, thinking there was a shark.

Lo and behold, the dolphins turned around and started swimming back towards us, following the vibrations our clapping hands were making on the surface of the water. Their dorsal fins cutting through the water in our direction, at speed.

I don’t care how harmless it’s known to be, when a wild animal starts charging towards you, your heart pounds and adrenaline rushes through your veins. It was incredible!

After curiously swimming around us for a couple more minutes, the dolphins lost interest and swam off. We continued to slap the water, hoping they’d come back again, but before long they were off in the distance, jumping through the waves.

Having such a close encounter with the natural world, coming face to face with those beautiful, majestic creatures was magical and humbling. Having just gone for a swim with my friend, our minds on the beers that were getting warm on the beach and dreading going to work the next day (and certainly not expecting an experience of pure joy was coming our way), I was reminded in the best way possible that we are animals, existing on this spectacular planet with thousands of other amazing creatures, as much a part of nature as a beautiful flower or sleek dolphin, dancing away across the waves.

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