There is no doubt in my mind that for the majority of people that are untrained and go and place FB ads promoting their business you will burn a truck load of money in trying to attract new customers.

We have a FB ad campaign manager that has studied and accredited with FB methods where many of the unwary post ads and will just do the “hope and pray” that it works.

What does a campaign FB ad manager do? She split tests different ads to get the highest conversion for you. She will see an ad not doing well and she will tweak it for you. She guards your money like her own so you do not waste anymore.

But here are the 4 tips I promised that I have sourced for you.

1) Conversion pixel.

Every Facebook advertiser should create a conversion pixel with their ad campaigns, your conversion pixel will track your cost per acquisition.

2) Placement.

Advertisers are able to gauge their performance on the news feed on desktop computers; news feed on mobile devices, right column ads on homepage on homepage for desktop computers and more — this is definitely something you can split test.

3) Time of day.

Just like you have a time of day when you are most productive, online shoppers having buying patterns that can be easily detected within Ads Manager, under “breakdown” and “By Time” you can start to segment your traffic.

4) Age and gender

If you see that the 18–24 year old females love your flannel shirt, you can invest more money into this type of targeting to help generate more sales. There is no need targeting 27–30 year old guys if you see a lackluster performance in this group.

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