What is Trademark litigation and what’s the time to file litigation

The info-graphic titled “Protect Your Trademark with Trademark Litigation in Ft. Lauderdale” explains the details of trademark litigation, of how to protect them. Trademark litigation is a term given to the legal proceedings. It also involves disputes and issues related to trademark.

Trademark litigation takes place in federal or state courts. It can also take place before the U.S. trademark trial and appeal board.

How the process begins? The process begins with the filing of a complaint. In federal court the defendant has 21 days to file a responsive pleading. It can either be an answer or a motion of dismiss. In trademark litigation a frequent issue is whether a likelihood of confusion exists between two trademarks.

Trademark litigation attorney can help you with unfair completion, counterfeiting, trade dress infringement, cyber squatting and domain name issues, dilution, trademark trial and appeal board practise etc.

To know more about Trademark trials and protective methods, check out the details mentioned on below info-graphic. Call trademark litigation attorney for more details.