Cheap, Frugal or Just Smart?

I’ve sometimes been called frugal or even cheap! Blasphemy! Frugal isn’t a bad thing by the way. Americans live to excess, in general. So I don’t take offense to these supposed insults.

Because here’s the thing…I am cheap. Sort of.

I’m cheap with things I don’t care about so I can spend a lot on things I do. I buy 10 dollar t-shirts because I don’t care. They’ll get dirty. I live life messy. But I buy 5 dollar milk and 6 dollar eggs because I care. I care that animals are treated better and that it’s healthier. The milk halves my sugars and doubles my protein. That matters to me.

One of the reasons my net worth is higher than a lot of my friends is because of this method. And if we go based on daily moods, I’m happier than most of my peers too. Because of these monetary habits I believe.

Be cheap where it doesn’t count or matter to you. And then be generous with your money where it does. Now of course, where it matters is different to everyone. You may spend 80 dollars on your shirts and value it. I’m not judging where you like to spend, just suggesting that you pick and choose wisely. Be cheap here, be lavish there. Be happy everywhere. #rhymegametoostrong

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