Expected Fun vs. Actual Cost

Sometimes I’m smart and come up with my own little systems. EF vs AC is one of them. This is an easy way to judge what to “invest” in. I’ll give you some examples…

Last year I was invited by a group of friends to a preseason NFL game. It would’ve cost me 200 bucks. Is it worth the fun? №200 dollars to stand around listening to drunk idiots scream when I could watch from my couch. Or better yet, use the preseason to do work (when regular season is on, football owns me on Sundays).

I’m often invited out to bar nights on the weekend. Those usually cost about 50 bucks. Not worth it. 50 bucks to get fat, drunk and do stupid things while not staying focused on important goals.

Then, also last year, I was invited to a bachelorette weekend in the mountains of Virginia with my cousin and her friends that I did not know. 600 dollars. For a 2 day excursion. Worth every…single…penny.

You could go spend 60 dollars on dinner. So basically you’d spend 60 dollars to go poop about 12 hours later. But if you invested that 60 dollars and then added 10 bucks a month to that principal for 2 years at 8%…you’d have 332 bucks 24 months later (yes I know it’s only 32 dollars in interest, but that’s 32 ‘free’ dollars and imagine what it’d look like if you put 60 in every week! I did imagine it…it’d be 1,626.36 dollars).

Every dollar you spend is a dollar you cannot invest. So make sure you’re investing those dollars into real fun.

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