I’m Offended That You’re Offended By My Offensive Statements…

“That’s offensive.” “I’m outraged.” “This is an affront to decency!” “You’ve insulted my…blah, blah.”SHUT UP. I know you’ve all been hearing these types of statements a lot too. Amiright? They’re annoying and serve no actual purpose. They don’t advance us in any way.

Here’s the thing, believe it or not, I’m a human. That means I come with opinions and ideas that you don’t like. You probably come with opinions I don’t care for either. In fact, maybe you’re wearing Crocs right now and have the urge to explain to me how comfortable they are…

Side bar conversation: one time someone asked me what my secret weapon/special talent was…it’s pissing people off. I manage to do it easily. Often by accident. Sometimes on purpose. But not usually.

Anyway, here’s where you may start to dislike me…I’m an atheist. I’m pro-gun, pro-death penalty, pro-choice, pro equality. I’m strongly against ever purchasing a pet when you should be adopting one. I think candy corn is disgusting. I think Prince was an overrated artist. I’M A PATRIOTS FAN (by far my worst offense, I’m aware). I don’t think Trump is a Hitler reincarnate. I do think Hillary is not a nice person (privately of course, she’s too good a politician to let you know it for sure).

You can disagree with every single thing I said there. Doesn’t matter. We can still get along and treat each other well. We could still work together or be friends. So long as you are a good and kind person, I don’t really care how much we disagree. Or if you put Crocs on your feet. Sigh.

Too many people think it’s totally unacceptable to share your thoughts, feelings and opinions publicly. Why? It’s okay if you disagree with me (on everything except the ‘adopt don’t shop’ point). It’s okay if you don’t like what I have to say. You don’t have to pay attention to me. You can voice your own opinion. You don’t have to be offended by every damn thing you see and hear. Let people share their truths, feelings and opinions. That’s how we innovate, that’s how we connect. Don’t make human beings compartmentalize and only share curated parts of themselves. I want to see the whole being. So what’s up?

Tell me how I offended you at caitmackcs@gmail.com or on Twitter, @caitmackcs.