Oh, I Know What Pressure Is.

A common theme you come across is people thinking that other people don’t understand what they’re going through. Um. Knock it off. Everything you’ve been through, literally thousands (if not millions) of other people have been through it. There are very few unique experiences, just maybe a little unique to us in the way we handle them. So, lately I’ve been hearing a lot of people complaining about pressure.

“You don’t understand the pressure.”

It was a Sunday afternoon. The real feel was 100 degrees, the air thick with humidity. I was pushing a 3,000 pound car uphill. My body felt like it would literally break in half. That was my most “fun” workout of the week. I know what pressure is.

“The strain I’m under is crazy.”

2 years ago my sister fell into addiction. She had twin 3 year old girls. She most likely won’t ever truly parent them nor help them pay for cars, college, etc. That’s on me now. And that’s okay. I know what pressure is.

Pressure is a chance to rise to your greatest abilities. The chance to be our best selves. Relish pressure. Ask for it, knowing you can handle it. Life is really nothing but pressure, it’s all in how you view it though. I’ll put a positive spin on pretty much anything, can you say the same?

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