So, Are You Lazy or Stupid?


You’ll be talking to someone and they’ll tell you something they really want to be doing or wish they could do and you’ll be like well why aren’t you doing it and then… and I HATE hearing this sentence, they’ll say…”I don’t know how”. As if that’s some actually valid reason.

There’s literally zero excuse to not learn something you want to learn. Never before in history has knowledge been so readily available. You’re an idiot and, quite honestly, an asshole, if you don’t take advantage of it. Even if something you want to learn is really, really hard…there is someone out here who can teach you for a reasonable price. Never before in history have you been able to just Google an answer to anything. To search a YouTube video on how to caulk a bathtub or build your own cabinets. To connect with a tutor halfway around the world and Skype your lessons.

You are living in a golden age of information and you need to respect that. And the best way to respect it…is to utilize everything at your disposal. Please. Learn as much as you can. Then return the favor and teach what you know.

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